Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Jackson Interaction Podcast # 14: "Broadcast" Bob Anderson

Audio only version:

On Episode 14, Gene welcomes his good friend Bob Anderson! This was originally intended to be a broad coversation about pro wrestling and comedy but it quickly became pretty specific in reference Herb Abram's UWF and later Whitey Jenkins' OWF. A fun conversation overall as they discuss their old UWF FuryCast, how it came about and why it ended. They talk at length about Herb Abrams' UWF, their favorite moments from the twelve episodes they covered for the podcast, the UWF Universe Facebook Group, and possible future podcast projects involving the UWF. Then they moved onto the OWF, what is the OWF, how did it come to be? What led to OWF World Wide Wrasslin becoming a weekly show and more importantly what goes into making the weekly show. Some pretty interesting insight into where they get the footage, what the intention behind the shows are, the reasoning for the "commercials" they use, and much, much, more! Join our Herb Abrams' UWF Universe Facebook Group!   / uwfuniverse   Check out the Outlaw Wrasslin Federation website: Subscribe to the Outlaw Wrasslin Network YouTube Channel:    / @outlawwrasslinnetwork   Follow Outlaw Wrasslin Federation on Facebook: Follow "Broadcast" Bob Anderson on Facebook: Like Whitey Jenkins' Facebook Page: or Subscribe to the Main Event Comedy YouTube Channel:    / @maineventcomedy   Like the Main Event Comedy Facebook Page: Like the Jackson Interaction Podcast Facebook Page: Check out the Main Event Comedy Website: Follow Main Event Comedy on TikTok: Check out the Jackson Interaction Podcast website:

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