Sunday, October 24, 2021

First episode drops this Wednesday at 8pm cst

Coming up this Wednesday at 8pm cst, the debut episode of the Jackson Interaction Podcast, Gene is happy to welcome Shean Christopher as his guest. Shean has went through quite the transformation in wrestling in the past couple of years.  They talk about all of it including: injuries suffered, having a casket match and how it came to be, dealing with the abrupt end of the Akuto Death Society and figuring out a way to reinvent himself, the things he studied to help develop his new character, who was almost a member of the Wasted Generation but wasn't, and which member initially said no.  All that and much, much more with a guy who is always a fun interview! Check it out this WEDNESDAY night here at

EPW Wrestling Episode 7 | The debut of Gene Jackson!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Welcome to! A brand new podcast is coming soon!

The original wrestling podcaster is coming back with an all new one on one pro wrestling interview show, "The King of All Wrestling Media" debuts the Jackson Interaction Podcast very soon! Check back this next week to see who the first guest will be!

The Jackson Interaction Podcast Episode #16: Jimmy Street

Audio only: On this Episode, Gene welcomes his friend and fellow podcaster, Jimmy Street! They have a fun conversation about the origin...