Thursday, December 15, 2022

UWF Fury Cast Episode #1- Can they make it all the way through??

or if you would prefer audio only...

Inspired by the Dark Side of the Ring episode on Herb Abrams and the "Tortured Ambition" book by Jonathan Plombon,  Bob Anderson and I have decided to launch the UWF Fury Cast! A weekly journey through the very few highs and numerous lows of Herb Abrams' Universal Wrestling Federation.

Each week we'll discuss the matches, promos, and other happenings both on the episode and around the UWF. Needless to say this will be more of a light hearted podcast, because the subject matter is.....well..... less than impressive!


You can refresh yourself on all the happenings of the first episode of the UWF Fury Hour, right here:

For more on the Universal Wrestling Federation and the Fury Cast check out

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